"an established act beginning to harness the height of their power"

(The Raw Alternative, 2020)

"so drenched in love that it made me long for love"

(Matthew McDade, 2019)

"[Third Class] consistently turn out beguiling collections of songs."

(The Vindicator, 2018)

"Boyle’s devotion to music has remained with

 because he feels the world has a place for his music."

(The Jambar, 2018)

"Lee Boyle and Co. consistently hit the mark with songs

that boast as much dry wit as they do emotion."

(The Raw Alternative, 2017)

"memories being replayed as though I were there, while

almost making me sad that I wasn't able to truly live them"

(On The Back Edge Of The Beat, 2017)

"one of the best, and most unique"

(The Vindicator, 2016)

"themes of loneliness and isolation"

(On The Back Edge Of The Beat, 2016)

"a mixture of happy songs with sad lyrics"

(University Of Findlay Press, 2015)

"[Lee] is an awesome guy."

(The Genius Project, 2015)

"The communal sense of singing around a campfire is palpable."

(The Vindicator, 2014)

"high-quality, thoughtful, and smart lyrics intertwined

with a stripped-down, lo-fi, punk-rock sound"

(Trib Today, 2014)

"eccentric yet evocative"

(The Seattle Star, 2014)

"sing-songy and storytelling"

(Chaos Culture, 2014)

"a one-of-a-kind experience"

(Nashville Audition, 2014)

"creativity is the driving force behind the band's specific style of music"

(The Athens Post, 2014)

"shimmering pop-rock sounds"

(Donkey Coffee, 2014)

"Boyle could get so many sounds out of his two-string guitar"

(The Raw Alternative, 2013)

"Third Class are passionate and dedicated to making music that all of

their fans can love to enjoy and dance freely while singing the lyrics."

(Limerence, 2012)


(Indie Monster, 2012)

"accessible yet remaining faithful to its progressive-rock leanings"

(The Vindicator, 2011)

"overall theme is childhood"

(Cleveland Scene, 2011)

"local heroes"

(The Planet Pluto, 2011)

"Third Class' sound is abrasive and at the same time lucid. It weaves in and out of convention and familiarity. There are times when their sound is reminiscent of so many artists it's impossible to pinpoint just one, and then eight seconds further into the song it collapses into a musical heap of conflicting layers, only to reconstruct within seconds into a completely different song."

(The Wooster Voice, 2009)

"high-minded values"

(Jam Brain, 2009)

"Formerly billed as a progressive-experimental pop

somewhere between They Might Be Giants and Frank Zappa"

(The Vindicator, 2009)

"music out of nothing at all"

(The Vindicator, 2007)

"Someone needs to inform them that it's no longer 1984."

(Valley 24, 2007)

"an innovative trio of accomplished artists"

(Robotique Records, 2006)

"brave and fiercely originial"

(The Walruss, 2006)

"Pink Floyd-caliber guitar solos using only a two-string guitar"

(The Jambar, 2005)

"Third Class' style is conducive to their fierce independent streak."

(The Jambar, 2003)

"a student dropped his pants and lay on the stage in

his underwear while musicians performed.

This showed no class and gave a bad

name to an otherwise-talented band."

(The Morning Journal, 2001)


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