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"On their latest offering, Virginia's Playlist, Indie Rock mainstays craft a heartfelt, touching and often cynical story that takes the listeners across time and space, with all of the whirlwind emotions in between." (Raw Alternative - full article)

"[Virginia's Playlist] almost feels voyeuristic to the listener in a way without pushing that envelope too far, yet is just as beautiful for all that it reveals. It makes me feel the memories being replayed as though I were there, while almost making me sad that I wasn't able to truly live them." (The Back Edge Of The Beat - full article)

"Musically, the acoustic album has a tone that can best be described as happily melancholy. And while 'Playlist' is long at 20 songs, it flows effortlessly, staying on topic and avoiding any misstep." (The Vindicator - full article)