happy songs with sad lyrics, two-string riffs, wonky beats, and fuzzy tones, third class makes quirk-pop music in ohio, going strong since 1999.


News: Hello! We have a new album, Hymns From Some Small Town, available on vinyl and digital. Come pick it up at one of our shows. There is a Third Class solo tour approaching, October 23-November 7, Hymns From Some Small Tour; our own Lee Boyle will play shows in Kansas, Indiana, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Ohio in promotion of the vinyl. Search #HymnsFromSomeSmallTour on Instagram and Twitter to see the hand-drawn fliers for the shows. We were recently featured in The Business JournalGenius Hour Project and YSU's poetry magazine, Jenny, and on an Ohio podcast, The Midnight Hour with Brandyn Chaos. We also must give a big thanks to Dean, from Red Wanting Blue, who spun our music on Akron's The Summit. Youngstown's The HomeGrown Show on 93.3 The Wolf interviewed us. Underground Columbus gave us a sweet shout out in promoting shows in Hilliard and Lima, Ohio. Our shows for the Dayton, Ohio area were announced by Music Connection. We now have our own podcast, Nursery Podcast. Our own Jack Boyle has another musical project, juche. And, our own Pepe Parish has started his own vegan dessert company, The Orange Avocado. Now, go poke around the site; watch some weird music videos and rock docs, listen to our tracks, order a shirt. Go nuts! We love you.


Third Class is a sloppy pop band, formed in 1999, in East Palestine, Ohio. The band, eventually, expanded to Youngstown, Ohio and started touring around the United States of America. Third Class has gained a modest following for its unique blend of pop, progressive rock, folk, and post punk. Aside from music, the band has parlayed its creativity into other art forms, such as poetry, painting, a comedy troupe called Bullskit Productions, and a podcast called Nursery. Third Class' songs focus on childhood, travel, and small-town roots. All three members grew up in the same family.

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