Third Class has been making music since 1999. Originally forming in East Palestine, Ohio, Third Class eventually grew into the Youngstown, Ohio area and started touring out of state and putting out records. The act became based in New York, New York, in 2018. Third Class' main member is Lee Boyle; he is the writer and lead player and singer on the majority of Third Class' works, often performing in solo form in long stretches of any given tour. Other members of Third Class are Pepe Parish, Jack Boyle, Kurt Anshutz, Mindy Boyle, and Bob Young. Third Class can take duo, trio, and a rare quartet form, varying from show to show, sometimes playing in loud bars, sometimes playing acoustically for young children. Third Class has put out 5 full-length albums, 1 EP, and a number of singles. There have also been some soundtrack features, and collaborative releases. Third Class has performed in many U.S. States and has been featured on local radio, television, and in some independent documentaries and films. Third Class' musical style centers around poetic ballad, indie rock, folk, and slight rhythm-and-blues influence. Punk and progressive rock have also played a role in especially the early works. Lyrical subjects often pertain to childhood, family, romance, and travel with simple language but specific events.